Our Story

The story of how we met – wait – how do YOU think we met? Register for the website and comment below!

Story 1:

Vickie and John met on a sky diving trip.  It wasn’t until they were up in there that John remembered he is afraid of heights.  Vickie, who realized she doesn’t like heights herself, saw John in the back of the plane crying, and she comforted him and then pushed him out of the plane.  When they both landed safely, John was so relieved, he proposed to Vickie right on the spot.

Story 2:

Vickie was out recruiting for her Kiwanis club.  She went into a West Marine, thinking it was a military supply story, and thinking she could find some cute marines to recruit into Kiwanis. Unfortunately, she did not find any marines, but instead she found a cute manager that she figured she’d date until she could recruit him into Kiwanis.

Story 3:

John and Vickie were the victims of a set up.  For years, Vickie’s high school friend, Amy, and John’s friend since birth, James, tried to set them up.  The timing was never quite right and they never really got to get to know each other. Luckily, they got to spend time together and get to know each other a little bit as part of Amy and James’ wedding party.  They talked a lot at the wedding rehearsal and waiting for pictures at the wedding, and a few months later John messaged Vickie on Facebook and the two haven’t gone a day without talking since then.